Degen Fall/Winter 2015

Lindsay Degen’s Fall/Winter 2015 had as much style as it did heart. Degen put out a killer collection of intricate knitwear, bold colors and innovative silhouettes. The clothes had prints that focused around a full rainbow of colors–a signature for Degen–and a metaphor for the process of knitting. From cropped tank sweaters, to leggings, to sweatpants with foam juxtaposed on top, every piece was original and creative.  The designs were coupled with white high-top converse that had knitted accents; a mix of crazy and wearable.

The set was inspired by the Claes Oldenburg 1961 exhibition “Store,” which featured everyday objects in soft sculptures, appreciated for being one of a kind but not usable. In the same way, Degen created wild oversized sweaters and pants surrounding the models that look like they could be straight out of a new modern art exhibit.

The models were also a huge statement. Each one was an unsigned friend of Degen herself. They were tall and short, all different shapes and sizes. It was a moment that showed the strides being taken–even at a stage as large as New York Fashion Week–for the body equality movement.

It was a meaningful collection overall that will certainly make some serious waves in the fashion community. And on a last note, “For the buyers, you can have the one all black look in the middle,” Degen said.


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