New York Men’s Day Fall/Winter 2015

New York Men’s Day was divided into two venues and the amount of contemporary designers that fit into them was overwhelming. The energy consumed you the second you walked in and was contagious throughout. New York’s Men’s Day was introduced by a platform, on which the Fall/Winter 2015 collection of Johnston&Murphy was presented that led up to an upper level where David Hart,  Earnest Alexander, Fingerscrossed, GARCIAVELEZ, CADET and Lucio Castro took place.

David Hart’s collection featured an eclectic array of suits in mod colors and printed dress shirts. The aesthetic of this line exuded an air of Southwestern America with high necklines, bolo ties, and statement belts. Hart’s “wooly pants in Tibetan lamb” were a standout amongst the rest of the looks and appeared effortlessly cool on the models.

Functionality met fashion with Ernest Alexander’s line. Titled, “A Wandering Traveler,” the collection lived up to its name. Almost every look was paired with a bag or briefcase making travel for men easy, whether he is traveling from home to the office or from JFK to Heathrow. The collection consisted of muted and more practical colors, including olive greens, navy blues and greys. These colors allowed for each look to have one statement piece such as an ombré peacoat or a block print scarf.

Lucio Castro’s collection embodied a retro athletic vibe. Graphic sweatshirts, jogger pants and bold colored geometric printed shirts dominated the line. Some of these geometric pieces were paired together as a bold statement while others were worn with a solid colored pant and blazer. A man who often finds himself running from the office to the gym would be suited well with this brand.


The variety that New York Men’s Day offered, as well as the large number of contemporary menswear designers who were showcased, definitely testifies to how the menswear industry is rapidly growing within the fashion world. From the American Southwest inspiration that David Hart embraced to the functionality of Ernest Alexander, the shows offered various styles for every kind of modern man.

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