Sparkling replacement for soda


Calvin Falk

Companies like Poland Spring have caught on to the sparkling water trend.

Se Won Park, Contributing Writer

New varieties of sparkling water have popped up on store shelves recently as part of a new trend. In addition to your average Perrier and Pellegrino, other brands and companies have jumped on this trend, adding innovative and flavorful twists to the bubbly water.

Companies like La Croix and Dasani have added unique flavors such as coconut and mango to their original sparkling water, which encourages people to drink more water as opposed to sugary sodas. Jones, an artisan soda company, has also launched a line of sparkling water. Sparkling water sales rose by about a third last year, with sales totaling one billion dollars. While sales of the increasingly popular beverage have risen, soda consumption per capita has steeply declined. 

For those who drink a lot of sparkling water, there are devices that allow you to make sparkling water at home. Sodastream is one of the most popular devices on the market. In just a matter of seconds, people can turn regular tap water into sparkling water with this device. You can create flavors of your choice with separate flavor caps you add to Sodastream’s bottle. The device is quick, simple and mess-free. A Sodastream costs about $70, and flavorings cost and additional $10 each.

Although the investment of buying a Sodastream or similar product may seem costly to the average college student, sparkling water can be a healthier option for the frequent soda drinkers out there. Sparkling water, and even flavored sparkling water, is a much healthier alternative than opting for a sugary soda. It is bubbly, fizzy and flavorful, but sparkling water does not contain the sugar, calories or chemicals that soda does.

The carbonation in sparkling water is harmless and even considered healthy by some. Contrary to popular belief, carbonation does not deteriorate the calcium in your bones. Sparkling water is no different from regular water — it still has the same hydration benefits. Another benefit of switching your soda habit for drinking sparkling water is that it is better for your teeth, since the sugar and acid in soda can cause tooth decay, and the colorings can cause staining.

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