Freshman discusses musical growth

Leah Lavigne released her sophomore album “Peripeteia” on Nov. 4.

Singer-songwriter Leah Lavigne, a bubbly and ambitious freshman in NYU’s Liberal Studies program, has recently released her second album “Peripeteia.” Classifying her sound as a fusion of acoustic indie pop and adult alternative, Lavigne proves that her young age does not deter her from a budding music career.

Lavigne describes the new album as an account of her personal development, including songs she wrote during difficult periods in high school.

“Peripeteia is a Greek word and it means a sudden reversal of fortune. The Greeks believed the world was this great unknowable thing and it’s always changing,” she said. “This album is about growth, ups and downs.” 

Influenced by Ingrid Michaelson, John Mayer and Regina Spektor, the aspiring solo artist considers her second album to show significant progress when compared to the first.


“With my first album, I produced it myself and was only fourteen,” Lavigne said. “My vision was still kind of limited and the studio was a bit overwhelming. Going into this one, I am a lot more comfortable with the studio and different sounds.”

So far, Lavigne has received support from a wide variety of people. Detroit radio hosts played Peripeteia’s first track “Easy” a few weeks ago and engaged couples have chosen “Right Next To You” as their wedding song.

Lavigne is self-managing her career, so she has been dependent on local shows, open mics and press interviews as ways of getting her name out to a larger audience.

“You can find a lot of gig opportunities online, but a lot of information is mainly through word of mouth,” Lavigne said. “We live in New York City — there are endless opportunities everywhere. It is just being social and interacting with others.”

Lavigne has found the resources offered at NYU to be helpful in the development of her music career.

“Luckily, Clive offers a really well-rounded curriculum that helps you not only develop as a musician but as a savvy member of the music industry,” she said. 

It is clear that Lavigne’s vision for the future holds no limits.

“For me, dreaming is the same as growing,” Lavigne said. “You need vision and hope in order to go somewhere.”

Leah has recently raised over $2,000 through a crowd fundraising project to film her new music video, which will be released this summer. With her album already available on iTunes, Spotify and YouTube, Leah is currently working on making it available in independent music stores.

Advising other artists who are hoping to get their name out, Lavigne’s resounding message is to have impassioned determination.

“Go for it,” she said. “You can’t sacrifice your dreams to be practical. It is so important to keep dreaming. Just go for it.”

A version of this article appeared in the Thursday, Feb. 4 print edition. Email Zoe Thompson at [email protected] 



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