Explore entrees at local eateries for $15 or less

Sangjun Bae, Contributing Writer

If you are willing to spend $15 on a meal, your options are seemingly endless. Whether you are looking for comfort, American or exotic food, there are dozens of dishes worth your $15. Check out these great options to start your less-than-$15 culinary journey.


Red Bamboo, $11-30

Red Bamboo is an affordable paradise for vegetarians who miss eating meat  — offering dishes like Barbecue Buffalo Wings ($8.95), Creole Soul Chicken ($7.95) and Short Ribs Sandwich ($10.95), all made with seitan or other meat substitutes. For $12.95, you can order the Mango Chicken — sliced mangos, grilled soy chicken, onions and red and green bell peppers drizzled in a citrus sauce served inside two mango shells with white rice. The soy chicken mixes well with the sweet taste of the sauce and the texture of onion and pepper. You can also taste a hint of spice, which gives an unexpected undertone to the overall meal.

140 W. Fourth St.


Artichoke Basille’s Pizza, $4-4.50 per slice

Artichoke is not known for its variety — they only offer four choices of pizza — but what it lacks in choices it makes up for in quality. You can get a drippy, gooey crab pizza with chunks of warm savory crab, a decent margarita slice with fresh basil and cooked tomatoes, a twice-baked Sicilian Pizza or the famous Artichoke Pizza, which features a delicious cream sauce. Prices are expensive for an average New York slice, but three slices or less are guaranteed to fill the stomach of any customer brave enough to tackle such an endeavor. It is cash only, so make sure to take a quick trip to an ATM.

328 E. 14th St.


Tortaria, $11-30

There is a Chipotle right across from University residence hall, but Tortaria is another great option for Mexican food that is also located nearby. Tortaria has prices that match the prices of a full meal at Chipotle, but offers a more unique atmosphere with lively music, handdrawn chalkboard signs and colorful light bulbs that illuminate the restaurant. Take your time to order, as there are a lot of items to choose from. Great options include the small yet flavor-packed Pescado Taquitos ($6.89) and the Chicken Flautitas ($5.52), made with Oaxaca cheese and corn tortillas. Their Chicken Burrito ($7.81) includes a mix of cilantro, lemon, sour cream, pico de gallo and refried beans that work with the rice, chicken and tortilla without significantly overpowering each ingredient. The burrito also comes with three sauces, which are served in squeezable containers. Because prices at Tortaria are low, you can easily get sides such as tortilla chips ($1.84) or chips and guacamole ($4.60) and still come in under the $15 mark.

94 University Place

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