Luar Zepol Spring/Summer 2015

By Anna Ferkingstad, Contributing Writer

With antique chandeliers lining the ceiling and a backdrop of ringing school bells and dark primitive music, Luar Zepol’s Spring/Summer 2015 collection debuted at Webster Hall. Designer Raul Lopez did not neglect his raw avant-garde menswear aesthetic in the collection but also experimented with new methods that combined edgy metal pieces with patchwork and colorblocking designs.

While the true inspiration remained unclear, Raul Lopez’s mixture of materials, such as plastic and tarpaulin with the mechanical walks of the models gave a feel of wild utilitarianism. In previous seasons, Lopez has explored themes ranging from tundra to space. However, for his Spring/Summer 2015 collection, the soundtrack of cacophonous chirping birds combined with hues of grey, brown and dark blue gave off a more brooding forest ambience.

As the show progressed, the styling of the models ranged from a thick dark bands outlining the face to plastic zip-tie-like strips sticking out from braided hair. Lopez’s choice of shoes with sandal-like features and thick rubber soles coupled with the occasional backpack made the models appear as if they would walk out of the Webster Hall — not to enter the streets of New York City, but rather a dystopian universe.

Similar to previous collections, Lopez did not fail to engage viewers with his creative structure and unique uses of a multitude of fabrics. Luar Zepol’s style is unapologetically original, and his constant manipulation of what we consider wearable shows promise that Lopez will continue to create groundbreaking collections.

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