NYU Events app to launch this week

Courtesy of Tanner Nelson

Two developers are preparing to launch their new event-collecting app, NYU Events, on Sept. 18. The free app, which was developed by CAS junior Abhi Ashutosh and former NYU student Tanner Nelson, will use crowdsourcing to consolidate events from NYU schools and student groups.

“The way [the] NYU Events app processes is it shows you events that you like,” Nelson said. “This is [going to] make it really great for club leaders as well because the process for adding your club to our app literally takes a couple of seconds. All you do is give us your Facebook information, Eventbrite, if you have it, maybe a little bit about your club and we can direct it from there.”

The app will have club and event categories, with the event page providing information including maps to the venues. Nelson added that the app works according to user preferences and will allow users to filter lists by event category. The user will also have the option to RSVP within the app.

“When you click RSVP to an event, it will be added automatically to your calendar,” Ashutosh said. “You can swipe between days and this is more than just a regular calendar app. It is really sourcing things from around you, so you can explore.”


NYU Events started as Event Scout, an app that Ashutosh and Nelson developed over the course of 48 hours last May during the 2014 NYU Hackathon. Hackathon organizer and Poly junior Earl Co said the app impressed judges and was one of his personal favorites from the competition.

“It won best design because it was built over the course of 48 hours and it was surprisingly well-designed, which I think was pretty fantastic,” Co said. “It was an app that I would use myself; I admin several groups on Facebook and saw it personally as an app that I could use to tag specific things.”

Ashutosh said the app has already started to gain traction among students and groups, even before its launch.

“We did a two-week beta before actually launching it and we found that there was a 15 to 20 percent increase in engagement,” Ashutosh said. “It’s a good sign for the organizers to put [their clubs] on the app.”

Ashutosh added that the app, while not officially developed with NYU, will work in tandem with the university to spread the word about on-campus events.

“NYU Student Affairs knows about the app,” Ashutosh said. “They are trying to figure out where it will fit into their ecosystem and that will come, probably around two weeks after the launch.”

Nelson said the app was built to help make the far-flung NYU community more aware of what is happening around campus and around the city.

“We care a lot about the community at NYU and people always talk about how to foster that community and getting participation in club events is one of the best ways to do that and that’s our main focus here,” Nelson said. “We want to build a community.”

A version of this article appeared in the Monday, Sept. 15 print edition. Email Arsh Harjani at [email protected]



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