Clover Canyon Spring/Summer 2015

Caroline Ogulnick, Contributing Writer

Soft chimes and deep drumbeats rang through the ears of guests as they entered Clover Canyon’s Spring/Summer 2015 presentation at the Pavilion at Lincoln Center. Aligned on the leveled stage against a soothing waterfall background stood thirty-seven looks that embody the brand’s collection, “Looking East”.

Clover Canyon gained their inspiration for their Spring/Summer 2015 collection by travelling abroad and exploring the depths of Asia. Known for their exotic prints, the brand used the Chinese cheongsam, tropical foliage, the cloth of Buddhist monks, and martial arts attire as their muse.

The women’s looks were influenced by the dress of the ancient Geisha, with slicked-back hair, a pale complexion, and lustrous red lips. Each model stood in perfect posture with a flawless face.

Showcased at the front of the stage was an ensemble featuring a long denim coat, metallic pleated dress and skirt. The kimono-shaped jacket was adorned with bronze and gold panels, which spread across the breast of the garment. Red accents lined the wide sleeves and curved around the front opening. Underneath the coat laid a thinly pleated dress colored in bright white and coated with a thick metallic stripe at the bottom. A pleated skirt peaked out of the knee-length dress that matched the red of the other pieces in the look.

During the presentation, the label debuted its menswear collection. Also influenced by Asian culture, the looks expressed the body’s excited energy that derives from the ancient practices of Qigong and acupuncture. The pieces were named after their electric inspiration, such as the “834 Volts jacket” and the “Wired Acres pant”. One outfit included a matching shirt and pant, with lightening bolts streaked across the garments, symbolizing the voltaic vibe that the brand aimed to stir into their collection.

Alongside menswear, the collection presented Clover Canyon’s never before seen shoe collection. Matching the eclectic prints of the garments, the footwear hinted at the Geta-style shoes of ancient China, which are similar to present day clogs or flip flops. The men wore flat slides or double strapped sandals, while the women wore patterned platform soles or wedged clogs.

Though the brand’s prints remained bold, the style of the clothing contained classic shapes. The blazers were narrow, the dresses were slim, and the fabric was light. Clover Canyon kept to their sporty silhouettes with traditional and tailored pieces.

The humming of the music and the whooshing of the waterfall seemed to stay with the audience as they exited the presentation. Clover Canyon’s presentation allowed one to travel to East Asia and back through the tranquil atmosphere, intense prints and ancient influence.

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