Lucrecia Moreira Spring/Summer 2015

Lauren Craddock, Contributing Writer

In the world of fashion, buttons serve multiple purposes – one being to fasten two pieces of fabric together or, in a more creative approach, to add a small element of design to a piece. Lucrecia Moreira went outside of the rules of the button to create a top completely out of white buttons of various sizes in her Spring/Summer 2015 Collection.

Aside from the buttoned-up looks that stood out from the rest, Moreira managed to incorporate a different pattern for each and every one of the looks in the collection. Not one piece could be matched or tied to another, yet the collection remained cohesive. Avoiding overload in pattern and color, unlike past collections, Moreira chose a faded color palette that incorporated reds, yellows, oranges, greens, blacks, whites and blues.

Beginning with men’s attire, the collection incorporated one patterned pant or top piece whose patterns contained faded hues of multiple colors with a touch of simplicity. The male models combined their patterns with a traditional blue jean or white t-shirt.

As the collection shifted to women’s fashion, the touches of simplicity transformed into to touches of intricate designs. Moreira mixed geometric and natural shapes with a repeated use of circles (i.e. the buttoned top) to pull together full-skirt dresses cinched with a belt. The collection closed to the sounds of an African beat, with Moreira herself sporting similar designs to her collection, a surefire sign that this coming season will stay true to the unique designer.

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