Restaurants abroad mirror city spots

Dhriti Tandon, Contributing Writer

Here at the NYU Washington Square campus, students never stop raving about the food the city has to offer. However, the NYU study abroad sites also offer many opportunities to try scrumptious food. Here are some of the favorite restaurants of students studying abroad at various NYU sites, as well as their New York City equivalents.

Gourmet Burger Kitchen in London

Located just a 10-minute walk from the NYU London campus, there is no excuse for missing out on the Gourmet Burger Kitchen. Founded in 2001, the restaurant has options available for everyone, offering beef, chicken and even vegetarian burgers. The deceivingly simple burgers are brought to award-winning levels with the freshest and finest produce. Not only are the burgers a must-have, but the desserts are also a hit.

“Any of the burgers are delicious,” CAS junior Tori Wohler said. “But you absolutely have to get a milkshake.”

If you want to eat delicious burgers in a pub-like atmosphere right here in New York, check out Corner Bistro at 331 W. Fourth St.

La Giostra in Florence

Founded by the Hapsburg Lorena princes, La Giostra is now run by the successive generations of the noble family. The restaurant has more to offer than just a compelling history, as it provides a charming Florentine atmosphere and an unforgettable dining experience. La Giostra offers a wide array of pasta, antipasti, wine and dessert options.

“Eating the tiramisu at La Giostra — it was the best I’ve had,” CAS senior Darian Hanrahan said.

The pear and pecorino ravioli is a favorite of NYU students. The food can be a bit pricy, but Steinhardt senior Katherine Shaoul encouraged students to ignore the cost.

“Every bite is worth it,” she said.

If you are craving tiramisu at home, check out La Lantera di Vittorio at 129 MacDougal St.

BIO Restaurant in Buenos Aires

If you are looking for healthy, fresh and organic food in Buenos Aires, BIO Restaurant cannot be missed. With a large selection of breads, salads and European classics, BIO Restaurant is a perfect place for people looking for vegan, gluten-free and flavorful options in the meat-centric city.

The restaurant is a favorite of CAS junior Chelsea Meacham.

“This was a great restaurant with organic and vegan options — very rare in Argentina,” she said. “The staff is super friendly and they also hold cooking classes.”

If you are looking for vegetarian food with a traditional Argentinian feel, try canelones de espinaca (spinach cannelloni) at the restaurant Buenos Aires at 513 E. Sixth St.

Chez Justine in Paris

If you are a student on a budget, Paris is the perfect place to sample some delicious eats.

“You can get a baguette for one euro and good quality cheese for just a few more,” Steinhardt senior Lauren Schroeder said.

If you are ever missing the burgers available in New York, Chez Justine is also a perfect place to grab them. Not only is this restaurant a place to find burgers, but you can also indulge in traditional French favorites.

You don’t have to be in Paris to enjoy quality French food. Just try Buvette, which offers relatively inexpensive French dishes right in New York at 42 Grove St.

A version of this article appeared in the Tuesday, Sept. 9th print edition. Email Dhriti Tandon at [email protected]