Dina Simao Spring/Summer 2015

Lauren Craddock, Contributing Writer

As the music changed from urban upbeat modern tastes to the beats of Angola and the lights came up to a plain white runway, Dina Simao, in true Dina Simao fashion, entered the room with utter confidence accompanied by two male models to open her collection. Sitting atop a zebra print stool, she watched as black-and-whites enhanced the slight pops of color that ran the runway.

Zebra was the choice of print for the Spring/Summer 2015 Collection. Complete with traditional to non traditional headwear, what flowed beautifully in the collection was the use of chiffon as head wraps, trains, and more.

One look that stood out was the first which opened the fashion viewers to the concept of the zebra. The white knee-length dress was complete with three zebra images that were subtly placed. The garment was then able to glide with a black chiffon wrap and a black-and-white mixed patterned head piece.

The zebra as the emblem of the collection perfectly represented the style of Dina Simao herself. The female zebra is dominant and leads the pack. Although black and white were the colors of choice, the combination of the upbeat sounds, dashes of color and zebra patterns only showed Dina Simao in her true light, demanding attention.

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