Malan Breton Spring/Summer 2015

The first people to take Malan Breton’s Spring/Summer 2015 runway were not models. The lights dimmed and out raced two spritely male dancers, soon to be followed by two equally vivacious female dancers. Their traditional garments reflected the title of the collection: “A Journey To Taiwan: The Heart Of Asia.”

Each of the dancers wore elaborate headresses of feathers, sparkling floral embellishments and fringe. A quiet line of women filed in, seating themselves in front of a row of stringed instruments that divided the runway in the middle. The lights dimmed once again, and the first model strode out.

The clothing that walked the runway reached back to the traditional, and brought it forward into the future. The energy displayed by the opening dance demonstration was mirrored in the use of entrancingly bright reds, pinks and luxurious variations of cyan.

Classically Taiwanese fabrics with their luxurious velvet sheen were used in modern shapes. Tailored three-quarter length dress pants in a bright iridescent teal pattern were paired with a matching bow-tie, simple button-down and beautifully sleek, pale gold bomber jacket. Though this look was shown on a male model, it was clear that all spectators in the room were adding it to their mental shopping cart.


Halfway through the show, the music faded out, and the women who had been seated silently in front of their instruments on the catwalk began to pluck away. The clothes kept flowing down the runway, flaunting various textures and bold color combinations. Yet something had changed. What had previously been a glimpse into what confident Samantha Jones-type executives would be wearing in the near future, became a tribute to designer Malan Breton’s own cultural heritage.

It remains to be seen which stunning garment caught the eyes and possible purse strings of Miss Universe and Miss Teen USA, who were in attendance. No matter what they choose, Malan Breton’s Spring/Summer 2015 collection provided an exquisite celebration of beauty and culture.

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