Johnathan Simkhai Spring/Summer 2015

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David Bologna, Beauty and Style Editor

Johnathan Simkhai’s Spring/Summer 2015 collection schooled Milk Studios guests in geometry chic. Presented as part of Made Fashion Week, Simkhai’s precision had never been more crisp than in the clean constructions on the way for 2015.

Fusing feminine playfulness in color and fabric, Simkhai’s detailing and silhouettes tailored the pieces with masculine edge. Sharply rounded pencil skirts took the central spotlight appearing with a variety of genius details. One severe pencil in leather appliquéd neo-mesh completed a trimmed boxy-cut top, making for an ultra sporty-chic dress. A nearby spread of models in paneled motifs dramatized the geometric beauty of Simkhai’s vision.

Scattered from top to bottom, a puzzling design of geometric panels laid precisely cut in knit intarsia, leather, mesh, and taffeta. The most striking use of this technique was presented in a floating pastel pink. A terry puzzle tee, complete with double-trimmed sleeve, sat tucked inside a pair of A-line shorts with dramatic volume.

The presentation continued with brocades galore in more pinks, blues, and soft hues that seem to be dominating the palette of spring. Polished in head-to-toe pastel blue, a burnout brocade jacket paired exceptionally well with a matching brocade burnout skirt and monochrome knit camisole. This created yet another breath of fresh air to further lighten the breezy collection especially with its neighboring look. A similar brocade burnout dress continued the geometric theme but in a stark white hue that complemented peeks of skin behind cut mesh.

Whether in structured skirts, pastel appliqués, or geometric mesh, Johnathan Simkhai’s youthful elegance created a collection of covetable styles. This is one geometry class you won’t want to miss next season.

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