Venexiana Spring/Summer 2015

Set to the 1979 Ramones song “Rock ‘n’ Roll High School,” Kati Stern’s Venexiana show presented a collection of slinky, lustrous evening gowns made for a prom queen, yet still befit the designer’s rocker aesthetic. With a unifying luminosity to the pieces and an array of metallic, pink and turquoise hues, the collection offered an updated take on evening wear.

Flashy detailing was apparent throughout the collection. Some dresses were covered with glistening sequins, while others were bedecked with intricate beadwork, gemstone-encrusted straps and subtly glimmering appliqués. These details were complemented by over-glossed lips with hints of gold, shimmering cheekbones and eyelids paired with crimped hair.

Although every dress had its own breathtaking response from the crowd, three pieces stood out from the rest. The first was a bubblegum pink satin gown reminiscent of Marilyn Monroe’s famous “Diamonds Are a Girl’s Best Friend” costume. Near the end of the show, a body-clinging, black sequin halter dress made a statement, reflecting the runway lights as it moved down the catwalk. One of the last pieces to hit the stage was a dusty pink silk gown embroidered with a sequined vine pattern and bejeweled with sparkling crystal straps that kept both eyes and camera flashes at attention.

This season, Stern has stayed consistent with her overall aesthetic, instilling her polished garments with hints of punk rock inspiration.

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