Grungy Gentleman Spring/Summer 2015

Nina Jang, Contributing Writer

Clean, simple yet tasteful, the prominent menswear powerhouse Grungy Gentleman exuded a youthful vibe with its Spring/Summer 2015 collection.

Juxtaposed against a hip hop playlist, models in tailored blazers and sleek coats embodied a tasteful measure of masculinity, striking the perfect balance. Light hoodies were paired with a structured blazer for a more casual finish. Even the sport-inspired jackets that seemed loose and comfortable did not compromise fit and managed to look polished.

Burgundy, navy, black, white and hues of gray proved to be the dominant color scheme and despite the rather ordinary colors, the collection showcased a variety of cuts and lengths that piqued spectators’ curiosity and genuine interest. Simple monochromatic pants that cinched at the ankles seemed to be the trend throughout the night and were paired with several looks. Socks pulled up over the bottoms of the pants added some flair and the meticulous cut of the pantsdelivered a comfortable yet flattering look.

Shoes ranging from combat boots to high-top sneakers to classic oxfords reaffirmed Grungy Gentleman’s reputation as a brand among all men, despite the label’s specific aesthetic. Headwear was not forgotten with an array of snapbacks—including a black version with white stripes along the side that added kick to the look—as well as beanies which helped to tone down a more structured outfit.

However, the standout piece of the night was a gray coat that hit right above the knee. With just two pockets and two buttons, this minimalist, light coat will undoubtedly be a staple during the early spring season. The muted gray and longer cut also added to its effortlessness.

With no hesitation, Grungy Gentleman proved that its fusion of casual yet tailored staples can cater to essentially any man and ultimately attested its versatility among all walks of men.

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