CuteCircuit Spring/Summer 2015

Romie Williams, Contributing Writer

When designer Francesca Rosella was a child, she dreamed of owning a spectacular dress that would change colors. Years later, she brought her dream into fruition by partnering with CEO Ryan Genz and creating the now stylishly savvy label CuteCircuit. With interactive textiles and intelligent microfibers, CuteCircuit is the marriage between couture and technology.

Located at the Hudson Hotel, Thursday’s show previewed the brand’s Spring/Summer 2015 collection. Set to upbeat pop music, the models strutted down a neon-orange “circuit” runway while the metallic fabric of their high-low dresses, maxi skirts, and satin robes streamed behind them.

Shades of blue and orange are this season’s colors. Stage lights illuminated the runway with rays of cobalt and orange while models donned electric blue eyeshadow and orange acrylic nails to complement.

Besides these flashes of color, most of the models’ looks were quite simple: nude lips, long, side beach braids, and flat sandals. This simplicity was for good reason as the flashy, technological garments and accessories are what truly stole the show. Clutches spelled out “LOVE” in scrolling LED letters while dresses imbedded with movement sensors beamed in a rainbow palette and sporty jackets glowed with luminescent lapels and linings.

The pieces are meant to partner with a mobile app that CuteCircuit created, which allows the wearer to change the features of the garment with the push of a button. This aspect increases wearability, as the garment functions to change day by day with the wearer’s wish.

At the end of the show, Rosella and Genz boldly explained the mission of CuteCircuit: to bring the “medieval” world of fashion and design into the modern world of social media, innovation, and customization.

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