Cadillac Tomorrow’s New York Men’s Day Spring/Summer 2015

Sam Del Rowe, Staff Writer

The refreshingly diverse Spring/Summer 2015 collections of Cadillac Tomorrow’s New York Men’s Day showcased a range of designers including Original Penguin, Stephen F, Bespoken, Antonio Azzuolo, and Carlos Campos, as well as a surprise spotting of Instagram celebrity Nick Wooster. 

Inspired by 1950s Miami, Penguin’s styles evoked a SoCal-meets-New England vibe with models sporting a relaxed-preppy look. Think of the Beach Boys vacationing on Cape Cod. Bright polos and button-ups were paired with light-colored trousers and shorts, making us nostalgically yearn for summer before it’s even over. Bold florals also made an appearance, indicating that the pattern may finally trend heavily this spring.

The only collection featuring exclusively female models, Stephen F opted for a more tranquil vibe with a live instrumentalist. Clothes were represented in the entire color spectrum, from stark black-and-whites to luminescent yellows. Models stood in a triangular format, drawing attention to the solid colors of their androgynous outfits. Loose-at-the-tie button-ups and suit jackets sans-shirt made for an overall off-duty aesthetic.

With a subdued color palette, Bespoken definitely possessed a traditional menswear feel, albeit with a mix of slim-fit suits, minimalist outerwear, and even a few baseball jerseys. The collection comprised of a man’s complete closet, from business-casual pieces to straight-up-casual looks. Nevertheless, the cohesion was noteworthy, especially in contrasts of loose t-shirts and tapered slacks.

Streetwear influence was apparent in Antonio Azzuolo’s collection, with models sporting backwards caps and shirts tied around the waist. However, dressy footwear and slim button-ups offset the playful style, making for an unconventionally edgy offering. Particularly interesting was the use of plaid, both in blazers and shorts. This translated to an aesthetic of traditional British menswear by way of Tumblr, which sounds dubious but miraculously appealed.

Carlos Campos’ collection was defined by particular color-blocking of black, white, blue and red. The current trendy pairing of formalwear with shorts was heavily apparent and strikingly rendered in a virbant red blazer-and-shorts combo. Abstract patterns completed the styles, embodying a modernist vision when completed with sleek, paired-down shoes.

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