Plaid, fur, animal prints set trends

By David Bologna, Staff Writer

Jacqueline Rodgers for WSN

Mercedes Benz Fashion Week is a time to spot some of the most chic, edgy and shocking trends that are captivating the streets. From onsite shows at Lincoln Center to offsite events in the Meatpacking District, audience members with a variety of careers and backgrounds bring just as much attention to the seats as the designers do to the runway. In this particular season, a few trends have taken the sidewalk world by storm.

The fur coat has definitely made a comeback this season. Faux or real, the signature curl of sheepskin wool and the bustling hairs of dyed fur are a perfect winter accessory. H&M’s winter collection features lambskin wool this season, allowing the trend to be accessible to a larger market. Whether white, brown or even a color-swirled periwinkle combination, numerous attendees were seen displaying their taste while also keeping cozy and stylishly warm.

Following this look is another staple finding inspiration in the animal world. Cheetah and leopard prints, mostly found on faux fur and printed coats, are slowly climbing their way back to the top of the fashion chain.

Though these prints can be difficult to pull off, when styled with the right pieces, they can be a success.

Plaid is a promising print right now as well, with most inspiration coming from Moschino and Saint Laurent’s Spring collections. The Met’s “Punk: From Chaos to Couture” exhibit may have helped resurface some nostalgia for this pattern as well. With both the collections and the exhibit as prominent reasons for this craze, the print found its way into countless wardrobes. For some, a more common red plaid emitted a grunge vibe that is highly popular. Others softened this trend by taking inspiration from grays and even pastels.

Probably stealing the spotlight, leather accessories are in high demand both on and off the runway. In collections, leather-piped details on shoulders and pants appeared in many looks while off-stage, street style-goers sported leather bags, pants and the classic full leather bomber and motorcycle jackets.

This trend will surely reign in the winter season of this year as well as make a dramatic appearance next year.

As always, runway shows give insight of what is to come for the following season. Taking a step back to look at current street style, however, can reveal what is most current and the statements fashion is making in this moment.

David Bologna is a staff writer. Email him at [email protected]