Lie Sang Bong Fall/Winter 2014

Gianna Collier-Pitts for WSN

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Through his latest collection, Lie Sang Bong conducts a conversation between sleek, feminine silhouettes and practical craftsmanship to mark his New York Fashion Week debut. A South Korean native, Lie has showcased his work for over a decade in Paris; for his first show in New York, he has prepared a collection of looks – bursting with plenty of fur, cashmere, wool and leather – perfect for chilly NYC weather.

Drawing inspiration from natural scenes like volcanic eruptions, lava mixing with seawater and Yellowstone’s Grand Prismatic Spring, the collection holds a number of vibrant pieces. These vibrant molten reds, deep-sea blues and foamy greens situated next to neutral blacks and camels, created an expertly-curated mingling of emotional colors and pragmatism.

Lie boasts a number of spectacular outwear pieces in this collection. Lava and revised houndstooth prints grace the fronts of many coats; although such patterns are repeated throughout, Lie keeps them fresh in each look by mixing in different colors and positioning them against a variety of clothing combinations underneath.


Lie’s incredible artistry is evidenced by the detail found in his embroidered skirts, textured coats, and precisely-cut dresses. Many of the collection’s pieces carry a certain element of precise detail that requires a bit of further examination to truly appreciate. A red floor-length gown – a standout piece – is bluntly beautiful, but becomes even more so upon closer look when its intricacies are revealed – a lace back with floral detailing and waist-accentuating black cut-out paneling.

Per usual Lie marries his craft with his expressive sense of imagination. Throughout the collection he does not hesitates to push past the lines of strict utilitarianism in regards to his use of mixed fabrics and patterns, but always keeps his pieces accessible to a wearable extent.

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