Karen Gallo Fall/Winter 2014

Cristina Gnecco for WSN

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Karen Gallo made quite the breakthrough in the fashion world today. Her New York Fashion Week self-titled brand and showcase, “Karen Gallo” featured footwear and handbags that brought together classical elegance and contemporary street style.

Born in Colombia and raised in Queens, Gallo draws inspiration from her childhood, growing up with a seamstress grandmother. Her deep-rooted knowledge of design, fabrics and finishes is apparent in her collection.

Overall, the collection was very New York: featuring handbags and footwear in an array of styles, from clutches to backpacks to knee high boots and sneakers – designs that could easily meet the demands of the modern wardrobe.


The atmosphere of the showcase was casual, featuring a DJ playing hip-hop. Spectators were welcome to touch the pieces and pick them up. It was clear the collection was active and approachable. The accessories were meant to be enjoyed and talked about.

Industrial modules sorted the handbags and shoes by color and design. A model was paired with each structure; their hair slicked back with white gel, each one bopping their head to the music and standing casually. The clothes of the models, simple and clean, complimented the straight lines and clean cut of Gallo’s accessories.

The expert design combined popular shades of the season such as charcoal gray, creamy whites and bright reds, which gave the pieces an urban feel but still captured the minimalism of luxury.

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