Dennis Basso Fall/Winter 2014

Maya Baroody for WSN

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With the emergence of Dennis Basso’s Fall/Winter ’14 collection, came a new outlook on contemporary fashion. Last season we saw a more constructed look with clean lines and rigid structure on the pieces. This season was proclaimed, by the designer himself, to be inspired by contemporary American artists each with various styles and techniques.

Straying from the confinement of last season, Basso incorporated some confinement but for the most part the pieces are voluminous, tiered, and enswathed. A modern yet abstract look was noticeable in the gowns with fitted bodices and draped skirts complete with a brushstrokes on canvas effect. Basso’s goal was to influence the artistic side in women hoping to incite their creative side to be visible in their fashion.

True to Basso form, there was also an innumerable amount of fur, but this year’s collection had an array dyed in vibrant jewel tones. The palette of colors for both the fur and fabrics included garnet, sapphire, emerald and deep amethyst. While many designers are trying to use less fur and animal skins, Basso is not abandoning his signature look. Amongst the fabrics of his collection, Russian broadtail, sable, alligator, chinchilla and fox were all integrated into his standout pieces.


The show itself was entrancing between the floor-sweeping ball gowns and the deep yet vivid fur pieces. The advantage of the looping runway permitted audience members several opportunities to take in the pieces from all angles. The models, diverse and multi-faceted, were given simplistic yet deep side sweeping parts that perfectly contrasted the distorted lines of the fabric. Overall, the nominal scenery gave way for the decadent and deep hues of the collection to be highlighted, showcasing Basso’s talent for turning luxury occasion garb into something luminous.

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