Ricardo Seco Spring/Summer 2014

Rachel Kaplan/WSN

Strong electronic beats and Asian melodic string ensemble thump through the speakers as the masculine models shift through the runway of Ricardo Seco 2014 Spring/Summer collection, “POWER.”

Inspired by the increasing urban strength of Shanghai, the “New York City” of Asia, Seco demonstrates sophistication within a chaotic city lifestyle.

With sleek and bold New Balance sneakers coupled with leather shorts in fine mesh pattern, resembling basketball shorts, the collection embodied a sporty personality. The loose-fitted, jersey pants swaying across the stage may have jumpstarted a refreshing trend opposed to the skinny-jean silhouette obsession.

Generally sticking with the gray and black color palette, Seco also weaved in rich and vivid hues including deep royal blue and bright metallic gold, playing with Asian floral prints that strengthened the Shanghai urban motif. The soft textures of wool, cashmere and cotton also touched some femininity into a very masculine menswear line.

The prevalent presence of leather and the curious circular wooden-framed red-tinted sunglasses along with a punch of metallic backpacks and clutches tapped into the funky features of a cultured New Yorker.

Contrary to his previous 2013 Fall/Winter collection, Seco showcased an impressive and matured new line that correctly understands “varsity chic.” His urban man marches to Neon Indian’s “Polish Girl” with authority and grace.

Michelle Lim is a senior editor. Email her at [email protected]



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