Charlotte Ronson Spring/Summer 2014

By Bryna Shuman, Staff Writer

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Stepping into Charlotte Ronson’s presentation at Mercedes Benz Fashion Week transported audience members to the center of Paris. Everything, up to the French pop music and the models’ windswept hair and sun-kissed cheeks, suggested the romance, whimsy, and adventure often associated with the City of Lights.

The collection itself featured feminine and flirty pieces in a wide range of spirited patterns. The mix of more whimsical prints such as eyelet lace and a breezy turquoise plaid with the more sophisticated leather and classic black and white color combination complimented each other perfectly, serving as stark contrasts that gave variety to the collection. Stunning black and white overalls were paired with a simple knitted collared shirt. Another standout piece was a long sleeve cherry print blouse, which was livened up with a dramatic white leather skirt and literally tied together with a skinny white belt in a bow.

Characteristic of Ronson’s collections, it was the particular attention paid to small details that really took this collection into the realm of sensational. The peter pan collars found on many of the pieces allowed for a polished finished rather than crossing the line into overly feminine. The geometric cutouts on a navy flower print top and black leather skirt added a touch of seductiveness, not scandal, to the pieces. Many of the models sported personalized necklaces, while other outfits were completed with boxy handbags or backpacks.

The collection was nothing short of exquisite, leaving guests with an overwhelming urge to buy a first class ticket on the next flight to Paris.  Bon Voyage.

Paris Hilton, Jessica Alba, and sister DJ Samantha Ronson were all spotted at the presentation.

Bryna Shuman is a staff writer. Email her at [email protected]