Duckie Brown Fall/Winter 2013


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Duckie’s Brown previous two collections focused on the somber, but for Fall/Winter 2013, designers Steven Cox and Daniel Silver took a step in the brighter direction.

Whitewashed walls and slow electronic beats set the scene. The first model walked the runway in a black MA1 bomber over a red and grey tweed double-breasted coat and black wool trousers with a red inverted cuff at the ankle. This imaginative look was a fitting start to a very contemporary show.

Volume and length were clearly focal points for Cox and Silver. A double-breasted white Hudson Bay coat featured strong shoulders and a wide cut, and an oversized camel wool sweatshirt ended just above the model’s knees. Over a green crombie, there was a lead-colored nylon Mac Coat that flared under the shoulders and around the waist. The silhouettes were bold takes on the classics, demonstrating the finesse and confidence of the designers.

Color was also at play throughout the collection. Turquoise, burgundy, electric blue, and pink all made appearances. Burgundy wool trousers with inverted turquoise cuffs were paired effortlessly with a chocolate brown shearling baseball jacket. A dark turquoise wool work jacket created a bold suit-like effect with matching trousers. The shoes, all classic leather brogues, varied from black to red to blue.

With the vibrant inverted trouser cuffs, the adventurous shapes, and the additions of leather and denim to the collection, it seems that Cox and Silver are saying they’ve done the past–now they’re ready to add something more futuristic to their repertoire.

Abby Nathan is a contributing writer. Email her at [email protected]