Novelty foods for laughs, holiday gifts

By Bryna Shuman, Staff Writer

Whether you need a fun holiday gift for the food lovers in your life or something to keep you smiling through the stress of papers and exams, nothing beats novelty grub items. Not only will they make you laugh, some even serve a more practical function. Here is a list of food novelties to brighten your day.

French Fry Lip Balm 

Protect your lips against the dry winter air and get your fast-food fix with this lip balm. Not only does it actually taste like French fries, but at only $2.95 per tube, it’s a cheap, fun alternative to the normal cherry chapstick.

I-Love-You Egg Shaper  

Add some love to breakfast by cracking your eggs into this shaper, which will cook your eggs sunny-side up in the shape of a heart. The shaper ($5.95) also works with scrambled eggs and pancake batter.

Cupcake Dental Floss

This delicious dental floss ($3.99) actually tastes like homemade vanilla frosting and ensures that you will want to floss daily.

Food Face Dinner Plate 

Eating dinner in your dorm room is not always fun, but these plates ($12.99 each) can make residence hall hunger a little better. Each plate comes with a blank face, and that instant mac-and-cheese suddenly becomes the hair or beard. Who said playing with your food is only for kids?

Giant Gummy Bear 

Weighing 10 pounds and containing approximately 6,000 calories, this giant gummy bear ($29.99-$35.99) is available in 10 different flavors, including green apple, grape and a three-tone mix of raspberry, orange and cherry.

Portable Drink Cup

Why risk spilling your drink all over your homework by keeping it on your desk? Instead, use this portable cup holder ($19.99) that clips onto any tabletop surface and is available in four different colors.

Bacon-Flavored Popcorn 

Everybody loves bacon, and everybody loves popcorn. Logically, then, who wouldn’t love this bacon-flavored popcorn? A delicious treat for late-night study parties or movie marathons, the popcorn ($4.99) is also certified vegetarian
and kosher.

Rubber Duck Tea Infuser 

Wait for your loose-leaf tea to steep by watching this adorable rubber duck bob back and forth in your mug while the attached infuser ($12.95) underneath does all the work.

French Toast Bread Stamp 

Just because you are not studying abroad in Paris this semester does not mean you can’t have a nice French breakfast. Push this stamp ($3.49) into your bread before toasting, and voilà — your toast pops out with an image of the Eiffel Tower stamped into it.

Top Hat Espresso Cup and Saucer

Try out this fun mug at $12 for the sophisticated coffee drinker in your life or for those days when you need to feel better about the amount of caffeine you are drinking to get through finals week.

A version of this article appeared in the Tuesday, Dec. 4 print edition. Bryna Shuman is a staff writer. Email her at [email protected]