Pamela Jew


By Pamela Jew

I remember telling my friend, who was editor-in-chief of our high school paper that I’d never join the newspaper. That changed when I got to college and saw an ad for New York Fashion Week. Since then, WSN became a staple in my college life. I spent more time in the office than being in my room and whatever other places (Bobst?) NYU kids like hanging out, and even considered sleeping in the make-shift audio desk some nights. Nothing will match the feeling of crawling out of the basement at 7 a.m. after finishing a special issue (although I could forgo my class at 9:30). You really get to know people after being cooped up with them for 12-plus hours straight along with four nights a week. WSN gave me my greatest friendships in college and hit me with some hard lessons from hard deadlines to dealing with angry “corrections.” At WSN, I got the chance to try out almost anything and share a bit of myself with everyone working there and everyone who reads WSN. Thanks to everyone who made WSN great and those of you who will continue to do the same. 

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