Fareid El Gafy


By Fareid El Gafy

Joining WSN was the best decision that I made at college. It got me to do things and develop skills I never thought I would. Contributing to the Arts Issue, attending press screenings, conducting interviews and covering Tribeca was incredibly rewarding and fun. Getting to read the fantastic work that my writers and the rest of the paper produces made me a better writer and journalist, and hanging out with the Arts Desk on Sunday was always a highlight of my week. Thank you to Guru, Claire, Ethan and Kaylee for your guidance in helping me to become a better writer. Thank you to Julie, Ashley, Nico and Sasha for making the Arts Desk the best desk. Thank you to my writers and to Sakshi, Sam, Cole, Abby and everyone at WSN for making the past two years more than I could have hoped. Now I have to find someone else to read my Sonic the Hedgehog takedowns.

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