Anna-Dmitry Muratova, UTA Senior Reporter

The day before the first snow

Almost fell, 

Went bird-watching 

In Bryant Park. 

Instead of birds watched 

A Walgreens bag, 

Flopping in the wind. 


Didn’t know fireworks 

Were bad for the environment. 

Makes sense, 

With all their shimmer 

For people’s pleasure

Instead of for purpose. 


Stood on the sidewalk, 

Spotted a rat, 

Which wasn’t a rat. 


A Budweiser can. 

It rattled, 

Hurrying down the path. 


Saw a pigeon choke on gum, 

Felt rubber stuck in my own throat. 

Someone said 

“Compassion hurts.”

Sure, but what if 

I was the one 

Who spat the gum 



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