Buenos Aires Climate Strike

Last month’s climate march was a global event; here is a look at the vibrant and energetic protests that occurred in Buenos Aires, Argentina, featuring some NYU students as well.


Ana Marazzi, Exposures Staff Photographer

Thousands of protesters of all ages came out and blocked 9 de Julio Ave., on Sept. 27, marching from Plaza de Mayo to the Congressional Palace in Buenos Aires, Argentina. Many different groups and collectives joined to protest the inaction of the government in relation to climate change.

Generations of families banded together to march for the cause. One woman, accompanied by her mother and her two daughters, said “My mother showed me how to speak up for what I believe in, and now I am passing it down to my children.” Women from the city’s recycling center came out to protest — creating banners out of the trash they collect daily — as did engineering students, musicians, high school students and NYU Buenos Aires students, all demanding social justice for the planet and reclaiming their right to a future.