When you left

A collection of poems about living in the wake of heartbreak.


Adelaide Miller

(Illustration by Adelaide Miller)

Mellak Abduelal, Staff Writer

“Dear You”

I drink my cappuccinos

With soy milk

And maybe oat 

Whatever there is

I feel like I never know 



At the diner

Do you remember 

The table where 

You kissed my lips?

I’m sorry for

Talking about us

I know how you get 

I don’t mean to rush.

I just want to say

I think

I think

I said

What if I said


I said how I really feel.


Did you see the game

I think it was on today.


“Light Me on Fire”


Love is a flame that burns between us

But it is threatened when the wind blows.

I strike 100 matches until my fingers cut

So the smoke in my heart will make you less hollow.

My blood shouldn’t boil when your voice vibrates in my ears

But it churns and collects ashes of who I thought you were.

If I was a castle I’d burn for years and years

Anything I could do to burn brighter than her.

If you’re not going to finish that cigarette put it out on me

Drill the hole in my chest and sit in the king’s chair.

I’m a forest who would kill the animals and trees

Just to remember the smell of your hair.

I know love shouldn’t strip my skin

But for you I’d let it happen.


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