Welcome Home, Class of 2026

A guide to your first semester at college from WSN.

Each year, we send out this Welcome Issue to first-year students attending NYU for the very first time. It contains everything a new student needs to know to make the most of their first semester at NYU.

WSN publishes every weekday of the semester. Our student journalists hold NYU accountable, and provide critical coverage of the university, the neighborhoods it occupies, and its art and culture — coverage you can’t find anywhere else. We hope you’ll choose to continue hearing from us by subscribing to WSN here.

A collage of icons symbolizing college social life (from top to bottom, left to right): a simple “what’s up” text message, a symbol for joining Greek organizations reading “I pledge ZTA”, a room plaque and notes.

How to make your first friends at NYU

Forming meaningful connections in the big city is no small task. Here are a few ways to meet people during your first few weeks at college.  Read more >>>

Ranked: Quintessential NYU experiences

Yes, you probably will see Alec Baldwin while at NYU. You will probably also take pictures under the Brooklyn Bridge, eat Joe’s Pizza and do everything else on this list.  Read more >>>


Trying every dollar pizza store around campus

One of our writers spent 14 days eating dollar pizza, giving us this definitive ranking of the best $1 and $1.50 pizza around NYU. The Brooklyn campus is included too!  Read more >>>

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An illustration of a black-and-light-purple direction pole against a dark purple background. The pole has five different signs that individually read: “What is L.S?,” “G.L.S.?,” “Transfer?,” ‘Major?” and “r/nyu.”

The case for Liberal Studies

A first-hand account of what the Liberal Studies program, which so many newly accepted NYU students find themselves in, is really like.  Read more >>>

A collage of NYU meme pages blurred, with a red font on top that reads “Ranked NYU Meme Pages”.

The best (and worst) NYU meme pages

We have to admit, the NYU meme page offerings are lackluster. Maybe NYU students are too self-conscious about their image to say the out-of-pocket things that make less cringeworthy memes. Decide for yourself, though — here’s our list.  Read more >>>

The latest news

What’s been making headlines on campus over the summer.

NYU faculty member Salman Rushdie in recovery after attack

Salman Rushdie, distinguished author and writer-in-residence at NYU’s Arthur L. Carter Journalism Institute, was taken to a hospital Friday morning after he was stabbed in the neck while delivering a lecture in western New York state.
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Billion-dollar NYU building at 181 Mercer St. nears completion

After years of disputes and delays, the construction of NYU’s flagship new development is set to open for use at the start of the spring 2023 academic semester — just in time for the class of 2026.
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More from WSN

How to make use of the library’s online services, late-night food options and other stories we think you’ll like.

Free movies: NYU’s wide range of streaming services

Check out the myriad of free streaming databases available through Bobst Library! (Students living on campus also get free cable through Philo and HBO Max!)

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A Tiffany-blue Fender Stratocaster, two slices of pepperoni, a disco ball and an old TV with antenna against a light-pink background.A tiffany-blue Fender Stratocaster, two slices of pepperoni, a disco ball and an old TV with antenna against a light pink background.

How NYU students spend their weekends

We asked students from various backgrounds to share their Friday night activities: the highlights, the lowlights and everything in between.

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The exterior façade of the brown building with the red, yellow and white signage of The Halal Guys storefront.

The best late-night and 24-hour eats around campus

The ultimate guide to the city’s nighttime eateries that aren’t just dollar slice joints or diners.

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