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During the Oneirornaut showcase by Shayna Feuer, a model mimes sleeping. (Photo by Jorene He)

Gallatin Designers Bring Dreams to Life on the Runway

Flying bears, night terrors, Arizona and more.
Carol Lee, Beauty & Style Editor Mar 11, 2019

Audience members dove into the subconscious of the Gallatin School of Individualized Study’s designers during this year’s Gallatin Fashion Show: Dreams and Dreamscapes. The...

Selly Djap SS18

Selly Djap S/S 2018

Sophie Shaw, Beauty & Style Editor Sep 10, 2017

Selly Djap's Spring/Summer 2018 collection, titled "Sex", expressed the demure and delicate side of an otherwise raunchy subject. The Gallatin sophomore's debut at New York...

Gallatin sophomore Selly Djap will showcase her new collection, Sex, at New York Fashion Week.

Gallatin Student Set to Show Collection at NYFW

Pamela Jew, Deputy Copy Chief Sep 5, 2017
Gallatin sophomore Selly Djap discusses her upcoming Spring/Summer 2018 collection for New York Fashion Week.
Fringe: Sartorial Sustainability

Fringe: Sartorial Sustainability

Sophie Shaw, Beauty and Style Editor Apr 20, 2017

While the fast pace of city life is invigorating and exciting, wasteful behaviors often get swept up in the hastiness. New York’s fashion industry is no exception — with Zara...

Selly Djap

Pamela Jew, Staff Writer Apr 20, 2017

Looking across the ocean as a child, Selly Djap drew inspiration from the depths of the surrounding Indonesian waters. That inspiration was later transformed into her most...

Gallatin School of Individualized Study hosted its seventh annual Gallatin Fashion Show. Ten designers and a faculty member created mini-collections inspired by power and strength.

Gallatin Fashion Artists Strut Their Design Stuff

Thomas Chou, Staff Mar 6, 2017
This year's Gallatin Fashion Show featured student and alumni collections centered around the theme, emPOWERed.