Fringe: Sartorial Sustainability

April 20, 2017

While the fast pace of city life is invigorating and exciting, wasteful behaviors often get swept up in the hastiness. New York’s fashion industry is no exception — with Zara and other fast-fashion stores on what seems like every other block, there is an underlying reality of pollution and waste that accompanies the constant turnout of new trends and styles. Water waste, carbon emissions and textile scraps from clothes manufacturing accumulate, creating one of the largest environmental footprints of any industry. People can actively work to combat these negative effects through becoming educated, conscious consumers who actively look for eco-friendly, ethically made products. While it is still considered a niche market, sustainable fashion has a growing presence.

This edition of Fringe features three student designers whose vision, talent and craftsmanship implement sustainable practices. The designers’ environmental concerns range from bee pollination to natural gas, and their interpretations translate into striking sartorial statements — thank you to Delaney, Ryan and Selly for creating these collections. Thank you to Laura Ahmetaj, Clara Chen, Karen Shi and David Victor, who volunteered to model. And finally, thank you to our outstanding writers and multimedia team — especially Polina, Ryan and Julia — whose creative skills were invaluable to producing this stunning issue.


Photos by Polina Buchak and Ryan Quan | Thumbnails by Polina Buchak | Video by Polina Buchak and Julia Saliba



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