New York University's independent student newspaper, established in 1973.

Washington Square News

New York University's independent student newspaper, established in 1973.

Washington Square News

New York University's independent student newspaper, established in 1973.

Washington Square News

An interior space surrounded on all sides by bookshelves. In the middle are two red chairs. In the background, a person wearing a black shirt stands in front of a bookshelf.

Independent bookstores that are better than the Strand

Celebrate Independent Bookstore Day on April 29 with some of our favorite local stores.

With the rise of Booktok, interest in reading is at an all-time high among young adults. Whether you’re an avid reader already or are looking to start a new habit, buying books...

A person at a concert holds a large sign that reads “Have my kids.” People behind them look surprised.

The 5 golden rules of concert etiquette

Study up on these do’s and don’ts so everyone can have a great time this concert season.
Katherine Manatos, Contributing Writer April 26, 2023

“My friends are right up there.” If I had a nickel for everytime I heard that line at a concert, I’d be rich.  This common refrain is used to prey on people's kindness...

Rebecca Gelpí, an NYU senior majoring in Journalism and Cinema Studies holds up her Puerto Rican ID. Gelpí and her friend Lola Palerm were denied entry from Los Feliz, a Mexican bar/restaurant on the Lower East Side, apparently due to their Puerto Rican IDs. (Photo by Cecilia Hua)

Bar Denies NYU Student for Her Puerto Rican ID

An NYU Student was barred from entering Los Feliz, a Lower East Side bar, because of her Puerto Rican ID.
Cecilia Hua, Contributing Writer March 2, 2020

What was supposed to be a fun night out with friends took a turn when CAS senior Rebecca Gelpí was denied entry at a bar. The reason? Her Puerto Rican ID.  Gelpí was out...

Book Club Bookstore and Wine Bar is a new bookstore offering a cozy place for readers to relax and enjoy drinks. (Via Instagram @bookclubbar)

Book Club Welcomes East Village Bibliophiles, Coffee-Lovers and Wine-Enthusiasts

There’s a new independent bookstore on the block and it’s offering much more than books.
Dani Herrera, Staff Writer November 25, 2019

This time of year calls for soft sweaters, warm drinks and good books. Imagine sitting at a cozy bookshop, in a soft leather chair, beside a fireplace mantel that flickers with...

A bacon sandwich from BarBacon.

BarBacon on Union Square Might Just Be the Next NYU Hangout Spot

Lauren Ong, Contributing Writer October 4, 2018
BarBacon's new location in Union Square might be your new go-to spot for all your porky needs.
Kellogg’s NYC on Union Square. The comfy new cereal bar features Kellogg’s-branded cereal with a choice of unlimited toppings.

Never Too Old for Cereal

Liv Chai, Dining Editor January 22, 2018
Hear about the new, colorful cereal bar in town. Is it worth it?

Student by Day, Bartender by Night

Camille Larkins, Staff Writer December 5, 2016
What are the chances the person pouring your drink at your local bar is a fellow student? We talked to two students who work as bartenders in the city.
Dahlias liquor license was revoked by the New York State Liquor Authority after law enforcement found over 40 underage people in the establishment.

NYU Reacts: Dahlia’s Gets Shut Down

Anne Cruz, News Editor February 23, 2016
NYU students react to NYPD revoking the liquor license of a popular East Village bar.