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Review: ‘Happy Hour’ by Marlowe Granados is a triumph for the literary party girl

Granados’ debut novel is a glamorous and gritty testament to the possibilities of summer in the city.
Zoe de Leon, Contributing Writer Mar 7, 2022

Like many young readers in the early 2000s, my mom raised me on Kay Thompson’s iconic “Eloise” books that feature the eponymous 6-year-old living in the Plaza Hotel. I devoured...

Spotify podcasts and book-centric YouTube channels are a great way to take a deeper dive into your favorite books. (Staff Photo by Sasha Cohen, Staff Illustration by Ryan Kawahara)

How to gush about books when everyone else has moved on

Have no one to discuss your latest read with? Check out these podcasts and videos.
Zoe De Leon, Contributing Writer Nov 22, 2021

As a self-aware slow reader, I always find myself in one of two situations: I’m either catching up on an outdated bestseller list, or I’m picking up a book I left to collect...