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Featuring a cast of teenagers, “Slut” is a new play which explores complex yet realistic themes and incidents which occur in a 21st century high school.

‘SLUT’ Horrifyingly Mirrors Reality

February 8, 2016
"SLUT" The Play gives a vulgar and important message about sexuality.
The one-woman Off-Broadway show features the life of Janka, an Auschwitz survivor who kept her story a secret from her children.

Play tells emotional story of survival

April 21, 2015
The Off-Broadway play "JANKA" depicts the emotionally-driven story of Janka Festinger, an Auschwitz survivor. It is playing through through May 3 at the Roust Theater Company.
Aziza Barnes, Chinaza Uche and Tori Khalil, left to right, in “Daily Life Everlasting.”

Play exciting though chaotic

April 15, 2015
The Witness Relocation’s production of "Daily Life Everlasting" is a theatrical experience that energetically begins before the audience even enters the Ellen Stewart Theater.
Ben Scheuer’s one-man show, “The Lion,” will be on tour across America until the end of 2016.

One-man star talks clothes, play

April 8, 2015
Ben Scheuer, star of the one-man musical "The Lion," discussed fashion's importance to him and its role in his artistic endeavors with WSN.
Posterity is an off-Broadway show that depicts the clash of two artists who can’t reconcile their own egos.

‘Posterity’ portrays artistic struggle

March 26, 2015
Doug Wright's off-Broadway play "Posterity" depicts an artist's struggle to receive funding for a project, filled with plot twists and abruptness.
 Ebon Moss-Bachrach and Anna Camp play Winston and Jo, respectively, in Nick Jones’ “Verité”.

‘Verité’ showcases Nick Jones’ writing skill

February 24, 2015
Nick Jones’ original play “Verité” has opened at Lincoln Center, featuring Anna Camp of "Pitch Perfect." Combining quirky characters and plot twists, “Verité” is an enjoyable watch.
Paris provides the setting of Anton Dudley’s “City Of.”

‘City Of’ Paris shines in new play

February 17, 2015
In "City Of," a musical which is currently being housed at the MOMA, depicts four individuals traveling to Paris, in order to fulfill their personal longings.
Sondheim’s Into the Woods returns to the stage for the first time since its revival in 2006.

Venture back ‘Into the Woods’ Off-Broadway

February 5, 2015
The off-Broadway version of "Into the Woods" features clever lyricism and powerful music, delivering a magic-filled, enchanting play.
Audience creates, actors improvise show

Audience creates, actors improvise show

December 2, 2014
In this improvised musical, audience members vote on performance elements to create a unique show every night.