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Shay Jones

Shay Jones, Copy Chief

Shay Jones is a senior studying linguistics with a minor in creative writing. He enjoys playing with animals, listening to Kpop, writing, and cleaning. If you want to discuss dogs or important girl group news, contact him at [email protected] or at @_spjones_ on Instagram.

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On a purple gradient background, there are three boxes of banana milk on the top left. A bottle of instant coffee mix and a reusable coffee cup are below the banana milk. On the top right, there is a plastic coffee cup. On the bottom left there is another plastic coffee cup with a large water can to the left of it.

How to shoot your shot without taking shots

From bubble tea to coffee, here are some non-alcoholic ways to quench your literal — or metaphorical — thirst.
Shay Jones, Deputy Copy Chief Feb 15, 2023

It’s the day after Valentine’s Day, and while you could easily raid CVS for 50% off heart candies, there are better things to do to your stomach. You could eat some vegetables...

The torso of a person holding a champagne glass with a silver ring on their finger. The person wears a dark blue outfit with light blue gems.

A Colorful Evening

Was it a wrench, a pipe or a knife that brought the party grinding to a halt? Only a few people know the answer…
Shay Jones, Contributing Writer Dec 11, 2022

A performer in short golden hair wraps a red blindfold around the eyes of another female performer sitting down and wearing a red gown. The audience surrounds them on chairs in a room dimly lit by red lights.

‘Say Please’ to an entertaining evening of burlesque and sexuality

Wink and A Smile produces a tasting menu of kinks between sultry burlesque performances to develop your sexual palate. 
Shay Jones, Contributing Writer Nov 22, 2022