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An illustration of a woman hunched over on a motorbike. She is wearing an all red outfit and a black helmet. Behind her, on either side of the bike, stand four other female figures.

Review: Rosalía’s ‘MOTOMAMI’ is a feminist manifesto

The Spanish artist’s highly anticipated third album came out on March 18.
Sara Vargas, Contributing Writer Mar 30, 2022

Rosalía has introduced the world to a new philosophy in which domineering motorcycles stand for liberty, vibrant red graffiti for power, hypnotic butterflies for transformation...

(Photo by Celia Tewey)

Melke’s NYFW presentation was a riot for sustainability

Embellishing her collection with ferns and beads, Melke’s designer Emma Gage redefines sustainability in fashion.
Sara Vargas, Contributing Writer Feb 16, 2022

As attendees entered the luminous Veranda establishment where Melke’s debut presentation was staged, they were transported from the heart of SoHo into a whimsical Irish castle....

(Photo by Sara Vargas)

Top 3 style tips for surviving a New York winter

Winter is here. Here’s how you can beat the cold in style!
Sara Vargas, Contributing Writer Nov 30, 2021

Winter is approaching, and many of us are struggling to stay warm without sacrificing our style. While the cold might feel like the enemy of assembling a chic outfit, New Yorkers...