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All content by Ruhaan Mutsuddi
This new trend of baking and cooking during online classes is started by Steinhardt junior Maurice Bensmihen. Catch his next dish on his Instagram @mauricebensmihen and Tik Tok maurice.bensmihen. (Photo courtesy of Maurice Bensmihen)

‘Bake n Zoom’: The Latest Quarantine Cooking Trend

Maurice Bensmihen found a creative alternative to paying attention during his Zoom lectures.
May 5, 2020

Let’s face it: Zoom classes are just not as engaging as the real thing. Perhaps you text your friends when you get tired of staring at your professor in their tiny Manhattan...

New York City today is no longer the same busy metropolis as it was a month ago due to the COVID-19 outbreak. Students still in NYC discuss their experiences and the changes they’ve noticed since NYU has closed. (Photo by Manasa Gudavalli)

NYU Students Reflect on Staying in the City

New York City is still home for these students who left campus.
Mar 30, 2020

With the COVID-19 outbreak growing, NYU made the controversial decision to close campus; yet, some students had to stay in New York and brave the current epicenter of the pandemic. NYU’s...

Lupa is a small Italian eatery on 170 Thompson St. Providing cheese-laden food with plenty of vegan-friendly options, this restaurant can help you find alternatives that actually taste good. (Staff photo by Alex Tran)

Get by Without by Chloe: The Best Vegan Foods

These students manage to stick to their vegan diets without compromising on culture.
Mar 4, 2020

One of the most challenging parts of veganism is finding alternatives that actually taste good and maintain the integrity of beloved animal product dishes — like jackfruit pulled...

The Palladium Athletic Facility also offers a wide array of gym equipment for fitness enthusiasts. Though the sport can be time-consuming, bodybuilders have found NYU facilities useful for weightlifting. (Staff Photo by Chelsea Li)

Student Bodybuilder Discusses His Fit Lifestyle

In this article, student bodybuilder Ben Jones discusses his passion for working out and all that goes along with it.
Feb 24, 2020

We've all taken a trip to 404 Fitness or Palladium for various reasons, be it a short-lived New Year's resolution or a health kick for your spring break in Cancun. Now, let’s...