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New York University's independent student newspaper, established in 1973.

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New York University's independent student newspaper, established in 1973.

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“The Mole Agent” is a new non-fiction documentary by writer-director Maite Alberdi. The movie follows the protagonist who is hired by a private investigator to act as a mole in a retirement home. (Staff Illustration by Deborah Alalade)

‘The Mole Agent’ Is a Clever and Endearing Snapshot of Life in a Nursing Home

Beautiful and deceptively complex, this documentary film is an emotional examination of what it means to grow old.
Nicholas Pabon, Staff Writer September 16, 2020

“The Mole Agent,” directed by Chilean director Maite Alberdi, is one of those documentaries that makes you wonder whether it really is a documentary because of its dramatic...

After her husband’s funeral, a woman is stranded in Lisbon miles away from her home in Cape Verde. The film Vitalina Varela submerges itself in themes of distance and immigrant communities. (Photo by Hassan Elgamal)

‘Vitalina Varela’ is a Masterclass in Minimalism

An art house film to its core, “Vitalina Varela” makes excellent use of visual storytelling to convey its narrative across cultures and across cultures and languages.
Nicholas Pabon, Staff Writer February 24, 2020

“Vitalina Varela” is a film by Portuguese director Pedro Costa starring nonprofessional actress Vitalina Varela, from whom the film takes its name. Varela portrays herself...

The cold traps a woman in a lodge to confront the trauma from her past. Veronika Franz and Severin Fialas The Lodge is now playing in select theaters. (Photo by Ethan Zack)

‘The Lodge’: An Elegant Horror Movie that Stumbles at the Last Hurdle

The film might have become a new classic if it had stuck the landing.
Nicholas Pabon, Staff Writer February 13, 2020

Lately, there appears to be a resurgence of high-quality, atmospheric horror movies free of cheap scares. Films like “Midsommar” and “The Lighthouse” craft their horror...

The films cinematic competence cannot compensate for its unwavering reliance on jump scares. (Staff photo by Ashley Wu)

‘The Turning’ Reanimates Tropes That Should Stay Dead

Constant jump scares and a lack of any genuinely scary horror elements make this movie a pain.
Nicholas Pabon, Contributing Writer February 5, 2020

“The Turning,” based on the 1898 Henry James short story “The Turn of the Screw,” is a horror film in which Kate, a young teacher (Mackenzie Davis), is hired to become...

Detroit-style pizza is typically served in rectangular slices with a thick crust. Now, students can enjoy slices of Detroit-style pizza in the city at Lions & Tigers & Squares. (Via Wikimedia Filmgod)

Lions & Tigers & Squares Brings Detroit-Style Pizza to the East Village

First conceived in 2018, the Chelsea-born pizzeria has opened a second location in the East Village on Second Avenue.
Nicholas Pabon, Contributing Writer November 25, 2019

Considering the countless pizzerias in downtown Manhattan, I wouldn’t blame you for rolling your eyes after hearing another pizza place has taken root, especially once you learn...

Honeyland, a documentary directed by Tamara Kotevska and Ljubomir Stefanov, talks about a story of the last female wild beekeeper  Hatidze Muratova. (via Facebook)

Beekeeping Documentary ‘Honeyland’ Is Utterly Sublime

Tamara Kotevska and Ljubomir Stefanov’s “Honeyland” is a story about bees, honey and the human condition.
Nicholas Pabon, Contributing Writer November 14, 2019

“Honeyland” is a Macedonian documentary that follows the life of a beekeeper in the mountains of Macedonia, and what a picturesque life it is. The film is, in a word, gorgeous...

Redoubt is an avant-garde film by contemporary artist Matthew Barney. (via Grasshopper Film)

If You Like Movies, You Probably Won’t Like ‘REDOUBT’

A film that will leave most viewers’ heads spinning, “REDOUBT” retells a myth in the mountains of Idaho.
Nicholas Pabon, Contributing Writer November 5, 2019

“REDOUBT” is a film tragically mired in its own artistry. It is a visually breathtaking work of art so different and obscure that it can barely be considered cinema. In fact,...

Knives Out is a mystery film that is scheduled to release in theaters on November 27, 2019. (Via Twitter)

‘Knives Out’ Is a Lighthearted Whodunnit

With an all-star cast and witty dialogue, "Knives Out" is a fun murder mystery that keeps the audience guessing.
Nicholas Pabon, Contributing Writer October 27, 2019

For years, Rian Johnson has wanted to write a mystery film inspired by the works of Agatha Christie, whose novels have been developed into such films as “And Then There Were...

(via Flickr)

‘El Camino’ a Poignant and Satisfying Conclusion

With its minimalist dialogue, creative camerawork and thoughtful storytelling, “El Camino” is a fitting epilogue to the legendary series “Breaking Bad.”
Nicholas Pabon, Contributing Writer October 18, 2019

“El Camino: A Breaking Bad Movie” is a rare pleasure. It is a sequel film that relies not on nostalgia or name-recognition but instead on carefully considered, well-executed...

Scene from Easter Snap, directed by Oscar nominee RaMell Ross. (Via Field of Vision)

‘Easter Snap’ Is What Nonfiction Films Should Strive to Be

RaMell Ross’s “Easter Snap” is a quietly elegant look into a distant way of life.
Nicholas Pabon, Contributing Writer October 7, 2019

“Easter Snap” is not a normal documentary; there is no narration and it isn’t explicitly informative. No, “Easter Snap” is hardly a documentary at all — it is a piece...

A still from Corporate Animals. (via Facebook)

‘Corporate Animals’: Unfunny, Uninteresting, Unappealing

"Corporate Animals" proves that it takes more than a fun premise to make a successful comedy.
Nicholas Pabon, Contributing Writer September 24, 2019

"Corporate Animals" is a film without direction or enjoyment. Directed by Patrick Brice, it centers around a mismatched group of coworkers who end up trapped in a New Mexico cave...