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Washington Square Park lies on top of “the Land of the Blacks,” farmland and homes inhabited by people of African descent between the mid-17th century and early 18th century. (Staff Photo by Jake Capriotti)

Opinion: NYU should create a monument for ‘The Land of the Blacks’

Because of NYU’s location on farmland once owned by people of African descent, the university should create a new monument to honor their contributions and history.
Dec 1, 2021

Washington Square Park is one of New York City’s most famous landmarks. It is located in the heart of Greenwich Village and is considered the center of NYU’s campus. However,...

383 Lafayette St. houses the Office of the Bursar which deals with student financial aid. When it comes to financial aid allocation, transfer students are at a great disadvantage. (Staff Photo by Alex Tran)

Opinion: NYU should expand institutional financial aid for transfer students

NYU remains one of the most expensive universities in the United States. Despite its overwhelming financial resources, its financial aid options for transfer students are inexcusably paltry.
Oct 4, 2021

It is a university’s responsibility to care for its students, but transfer students at NYU are often left with their financial needs unmet. NYU, which boasts a whopping $4.7...