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Since March 1, Grocery stores such as Trader Joe’s began charging a small fee for each bag used. The plastic bag ban is the latest policy in the city’s efforts to reduce single-use waste. (Photo by Mia Karle)

New York Is Banning Plastic Bags, NYU Students and Alumni React

The Bag Waste Reduction Act going into effect March 1 will ban plastic bags and charge for paper bags in hopes of reducing single-use waste.
Mar 2, 2020

Out of an estimated 100 billion plastic bags used by Americans each year, 23 billion are from New York State alone. Beginning March 1, 2020, the Bag Waste Reduction Act will go...

These gourmet Pop-Tarts are made from Bon Appetits recipe featured in the YouTube series Gourmet Makes. If you have six hours to spare, they will be a delicious treat for your efforts. (Photo by Mia Karle)

I Tried Making Gourmet Pop-Tarts in My Dorm

With only my tiny dorm kitchen and a borrowed food processor, I attempted to make Bon Appétit's gourmet Pop-Tarts from scratch.
Feb 26, 2020

Bon Appetit’s popular YouTube series “Gourmet Makes” follows chef Claire Saffitz and her quest to make ordinary snacks — like Oreos, Pringles and Ben & Jerry’s —...