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An illustration of Kanye West, also known as Ye, dressed in a pink sweater holding both his hands up. On top of his right hand is the Twitter logo — a bird in light blue. On top of his left hand is the Adidas logo, three slanted white stripes.

For Kanye West, fame shouldn’t overpower accountability

The artist was recently banned from Twitter and Instagram after spewing antisemitic beliefs.
Melissa Derzavich, Contributing Writer Nov 4, 2022

As I shuffle through my Spotify playlist, “Violent Crimes” by American rapper and fashion designer Kanye West, who now goes by Ye, starts playing. Instead of singing along...

A collage of two photos: First, the interior of a barbershop with yellow walls; second, the back of a person wearing a black top and blue jeans. She has straight brown hair with curls on the end and blond highlights.

The Beautiful Hair Salon will save your wallet

Meihau Wu’s salon in Chinatown offers cheap, quality beauty services to its clients.
Melissa Derzavich, Contributing Writer Oct 17, 2022

New York City is infamous for its skyrocketing cosmetic service costs. Nowadays, the average cost of a haircut in New York City ranges from $75 to $250. Thus, as a savvy college...