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Security camera nearby the NYU campus. 3,179 cameras are currently surveilling the campus community.
(Staff Photo by Jared Peraglia)

Over 3,000 Cameras Are Watching Us, but Students Don’t Care

NYU’s robust security camera system feels excessive to some students.
Jared Peragila, Deputy News Editor Feb 26, 2019

Over 3,000 cameras currently overlook the university’s New York City campus, but some students think the surveillance won’t make people safer. Tisch first-year Cassie Vega...

Media from the NYU Students for Justice in Palestine club. (via nyusjp.org)

Student Government Resolution, Initially on BDS, Drops Political Ties

The so-called BDS Resolution will no longer include the words “Palestine” and “Israel" to increase its odds of passing through the University Senate in April.
Jared Peragila, Deputy News Editor Feb 15, 2019

The Student Government Assembly wants the university to cut ties with corporations associated with the abuse of human rights in Palestine and Israel. On Thursday, SGA announced...