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Healthy homemade flatbread pizza made with leftover vegetables. (Photo by Isla Na)

Your Leftovers Won’t Go to Waste With This Flatbread Pizza Recipe

Have leftover vegetables from last night’s salad, or ingredients that are about to go bad in your fridge? With this flatbread recipe, you won’t have to let them go to waste.
Isla Na, Staff Writer Apr 24, 2019

Pizza is a staple for students who crave a midday or midnight snack. NYU is surrounded by great pizza establishments, some even open until 4 a.m., like Joe’s. However, in New...

Old nighttime skin care products

Ten-Step Korean Skincare Routine? Try Two

I reduced my skincare routine to just two steps, and I’m never looking back.
Isla Na, Contributing Writer Apr 11, 2019

My nightly skincare routine used to include an oil cleanser to remove makeup, an apricot scrub, witch hazel toner, peptide or green tea seed serum and a moisturizer or facial...

The Vessel, a 16-floor structure located at 20 Hudson Yards, is the new landmark built as part of the Hudson Yards Redevelopment Project. (Staff Photo by Jorene He)

Hudson Yards: Students Don’t Believe the Hype

NYU students may be known for being elitist — but even we have a problem with Hudson Yards.
Isla Na, Staff Writer Mar 31, 2019

Hudson Yards, a shining diamond amid the concrete jungle, does not blend into the neighborhood. It stands separately, as if enclosed in a glass case at a museum — to be looked...

Title card for Law and Order: Special Victims Unit (via Wikimedia)

Never Too Far From Home

Students have interesting ways of keeping in touch with their loved ones back home through books, baseball, Instagram and TV.
Isla Na, Staff Writer Mar 8, 2019

As college students in New York, we are often so consumed by the busy, bustling city that we forget where we are from and the people we left to come to NYU. Shared below are some...

Outfits in the window of Buffalo Exchange, a thrift and vintage store located on 11th Street. (Staff Photo by Julia McNeill)

A Guide to Thrifting: Pay Less for More

Don’t shop til you drop. Thrift til you’re fit.
Isla Na, Staff Writer Feb 4, 2019

Being fashionable on a tight budget can be daunting. Lucky for us, New York City is teeming with thrift stores that hold treasures waiting to be discovered. Below are five of them...