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Aurélien Gabrielli, who plays Labidi El Morchedi, and Léon Cunha Da Costa, who plays Aleksei Kouyenski, sit on a grassy hill dressed in winter outfits smoking a cigarette in a still from “The World After Us.”

Review: ‘The World After Us’ is a charming modern ode to French New Wave cinema

Screened among other independent French films at this year’s Burning Bright: New French Filmmakers festival “The World After Us” tells the classic story of a struggling young writer in his pursuit for love.
Sep 20, 2022

New Yorkers will be able to dip into the immersive world of French cinema from Sept. 6 to Oct. 25 at a festival hosted by the French Institute Alliance Française. Within FIAF,...

A stage with “NYU Welcome” projected on the screen. Two speakers standing on the right and three guests sitting on the right.

Incoming filmmakers show why cinema matters at NYU Welcome Film Festival

The NYU Welcome Film Festival is an annual event for first-years and transfer students to showcase their films.
Sep 5, 2022

Despite theaters fighting low attendance and audiences exhausted of big budget cookie-cutter films, NYU students have shown that the future of film is bright. On Aug. 28, students...