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Jamon from Mueso de Jamón, a ham shop in Madrid. (Photo by Ben Land)

The Prize Pig: Madrid’s Infatuation With Jamón

NYU Madrid students get a taste of Spanish culture through jamón.
February 27, 2019

Spain’s food culture can be described as one of tradition and loyalty to a style of eating that accommodates Iberians across the peninsula. One foodstuff commonly found in a...

The streets of Madrid where NYU students have a chance to study abroad. (Photo by Jemima McEvoy)

NYU Madrid Students Express Early Concerns About Scheduling

Students’ thoughts on the hectic start to the semester at NYU Madrid.
February 6, 2019

All the students living in Claraval, the NYU student residence in Madrid, trudged to the newly-acquired academic building for orientation at 9 a.m. Central European Time. They...