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NYU wrestling honors three athletes during Senior Day

The university’s wrestling team had both highs and lows on senior day, continuing a season of successful matches.
Logan Holland
The NYU wrestling team and family pose for a group picture. (Logan Holland for WSN)

Anthony Asatrian, Anthony Chavez and Hassan Khan entered the Paulson Center on Saturday for one of the last times as NCAA Division III wrestlers, leaving behind a legacy of success on and off the mat. NYU’s wrestling team has cataloged a 10-2 record in dual matches this season, and the three seniors each played pivotal roles in the team ranking 15th in the country. Asatrian, Chavez and Khan all have winning records in the 2024 season. 

All three wrestlers said their team is what helped them perform better as individuals. The three seniors stated the importance and honor of having a great group of guys in the locker room, enabling them to perform better as individuals. Chavez said the unique style and skills of each person on the team make for challenging matches that push him to improve each day. Asatrian jokingly remarked on the competitive culture of the team. 

“It helps that these guys are basically trained killers going head to head [in practice],” Asatrian said. “In one movement, you are trying to take off each other’s head — then, when the whistle blows, you shake hands and learn from your partner.” 

Asatrian easily defeated Bridgewater State University wrestler Saif Nasr via fall at the senior day match yet lost on points to Coast Guard wrestler Coy Spooner. 

Despite escaping several pins and maintaining his own pin for a prolonged period of time, Khan suffered a tough loss against Coast Guard after dominating his first match against BSU. Many in the stands were quick to let the officiating crew know their opinions on their decision not to give Khan a pin, with one spectator shouting, “This is college wrestling, come on!” 

“You just gotta shake it off — having these guys around to bring you back up really does come a long way,” Khan said. “I don’t know if any of us would be here without that.”

Successful coaches stress this approach, suggesting that letting go of mistakes and focusing on moving forward builds confidence. Evidently, Khan’s approach of letting go of mistakes and focusing on moving forward has paid off, with him notching a 16-4 record this season.   

A side-profile of a man wearing a purple N.Y.U. ear guard and a N.Y.U wrestling singlet.
NYU wrestler Hassan Khan. (Logan Holland for WSN)

Prior to the match, the senior wrestlers admitted they were feeling somewhat nervous as their collegiate wrestling careers wind down. Chavez says he tells himself, “Go, go, go!before matches, in an effort to feel more calm and prepared. 

“As soon as you start thinking too much, your body doesn’t move right,” Chavez said. “It has to become second nature.” 

Chavez put on a show during Senior Day, pinning BSU wrestler Colin Hassett in only one minute and 31 seconds.  

The wrestlers said they were incredibly thankful for their coaching staff, crediting assistant coaches Nathan Pike and Corey Luce for challenging them to perform better in training and matches. Asatrian said that while feedback is often only a few words, it is also very effective. 

“It can honestly be a little frustrating when they’re out there just screaming ‘wrestle’ — yeah, obviously Coach — but it’s a reminder to keep on going,” Asatrian said. 

Apart from the consistent one-word directives, Asatrian acknowledged how crucial it is to listen to his coaches. He said that win or lose, Head Coach Bruce Haberli gives wrestlers a pat on the back after every match. 

“They provide a three-dimensional viewpoint that you don’t see when wrestling,” Asatrian said. “You only see the guy in front of you.” 

As their time with NYU wrestling comes to a close, the three seniors are looking toward their careers after graduation. Asatrian will be attending law school, Chavez has his eye on finding a job at a large tech company and Khan will pursue a master’s degree after completing his undergraduate major in social sciences. 

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