Men’s and women’s fencing combines for 6 wins at Sacred Heart Invitational

The men’s and women’s fencing teams faced off against both Division I and Division III opponents during the tournament.


NYU women’s fencing placed second. while men’s fencing placed third in matches against Harvard University and Princeton University. (Courtesy of NYU Athletics)

Ethan Rendon, Staff Writer

The NYU men’s and women’s fencing teams — both No. 1 in Division III — competed against Division I squads including Harvard University and Princeton University at the Sacred Heart Invitational on Sunday, Dec. 4. 

“I can feel the energy from the team and the coaches to finally get back on the strip again,” head coach Ben Bratton told WSN. “Everyone is itching and ready to kick things off!”

On the women’s side of the piste, the team collected two wins across six matches. The Violets comfortably beat the only other Division III team at the invitational, Vassar College (18-9), and the host, Sacred Heart University (22-5).

Against Vassar, sophomore foil Annika Santos notched three points, and both senior epee Anna Lanzman and junior saber Leanne Chan secured two points. Facing Sacred Heart, senior epee Ria Jobalia tallied three points. Additionally, five other fencers across two weapons went undefeated scoring two points, including sophomore saber Sharon Ni, senior saber Allison Dunlap, junior foil Polly Adler, first-year foil Talia Perlman and senior foil Chiara Codazzi.

The men’s team emerged victorious in four of six matches, with wins over three Division I teams: the New Jersey Institute of Technology (16-11), Penn State University (14-13) and Sacred Heart University (18-9). The Violets’ losses were against Harvard University (6-21) and Princeton University (9-18). 

In a tense matchup against Penn State, senior sabers Darren Yen and Jamie Ren both clinched 3-0 records, bringing the team just over the top.

The Violet will face off against the University of Pennsylvania at the Philadelphia Invitational on Jan. 21-22. The women’s and men’s teams are ranked No. 29 and No. 23, respectively.

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