NYU Predicts: NFL Edition

With the 2019 NFL season on the horizon, we asked NYU students to give us their predictions and hot takes.



Members of the Kansas City Chiefs huddle with special team’s coordinator during the Kansas City Chiefs wild card game play-off. (via AFGSC)

Bela Kirpalani, Sports Editor

After a summer full of movement and drama, the 2019 NFL season kicks off on Thursday. While teams like the New England Patriots remain perennial contenders, up-and-coming teams like the Cleveland Browns and Kansas City Chiefs hope to make a splash this season. We asked NYU students their early predictions, including which teams will make it to Miami in February, and the picks may come as a surprise.

“Saints vs. Chiefs. The Chiefs added some great young players on defense which, when paired with the best offense in the NFL led by Patrick Mahomes, will make them incredibly difficult to beat. The Saints are going to make one last run in what I think will be Drew Brees’ final year with a very talented team on both sides of the ball.” — Max Gordon, Stern sophomore

“I think the Browns can surprise a lot of people and win a ton of games with Baker Mayfield at quarterback.” — Sal Cammisuli, CAS senior

“Chiefs vs. Saints in the Super Bowl because I think Mahomes will have another great season and the offensive core he has is too much. And I think it’ll be enough to get past the Pats this year. As for the Saints, I think they were robbed of a Super Bowl berth last year in the conference finals, and they have kept their same team and Drew Brees has shown no signs of slowing down.” — Ernest Mudasiru, CAS senior

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